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Our Current Projects


CW aims to reach out to those in our communities. We believe that through our support we can change individual lives and eventually change a generation. Join us in our passion to change our world.

We support other ministries, few are listed below:



Liberty – Making people free


The aim of Liberty is to impact entire communities with the love of God, body, mind and spirit. Our vision is to see lives & communities transformed; body, mind and spirit via a 5-fold strategy: – Health Care, Education, Adult Literacy, Clean Water and Pastoral Care. We are building schools and churches in remote areas people will not go to, providing medicals, helping the blind see, we are slowly changing our world….visit our website for more information



Jewels Scholarships Fund


A Jewel is a determined, committed, gifted, yet financially disadvantaged young lady aged between 18 and 23 years, who is in need of financial assistance towards her higher education. Girls who’s parents or guardians are unable to fund their higher education tuition due to various extenuating circumstances. Help Support one of these girls by donating to the scholarship funds, and seeing them through school, thats one less child off the street, one less child snatched from the claws of lack….and a WHOLE generation delivered from POVERTY.For more details go

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Event 1 - Pamper me day - Evangelising
Praise Day 2013

our sponsorship

Become a sponsor Today!

Becoming a sponsor  will bring nothing but pure joy to you knowing that you are a blessing to someone. Your sponsorship and donation will be used to change a life which in turn will change a generation. Remember you are a world changer, when you give.


You can be a sponsor by sending us an email or make a one off donation now. it is so much better to be a giver.

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